Accessories to Celebrate Your Success

So imagine this – you are going to a party to celebrate a recent financial success in your company. Being the new guy, it takes a bit more effort to fit in and have people around you be comfortable with your presence. You want to make a lasting first impression. You then proceed to going through your entire wardrobe and find that suit that you have worn a few years back. You have it dry cleaned so that you can wear it on the night of the party.

You wear that shiny new watch that your grandfather gave you for graduation. You shine those leather shoes to perfection. You even wear the tie that everyone but you seems to like. While everything seems to look good so far, you notice that something is missing. You feel that you still need to wear a bit more.

The solution here is more subtle than you think — cufflinks are the answer. Of course, it may not be obvious at first since they seem like such an insignificant accessory to begin with. But cufflinks are actually probably the most sought-after men’s accessory. Pay attention to pictures of stars in their tuxedos and look at the sleeves. You will find the cufflinks there, with different designs and patterns. They don’t easily get noticed by the untrained eyes, but the sophisticated eyes surely would not miss these on anyone’s wardrobe.

So what kind of cufflinks should you wear? Of course, get a pair that you feel is closest to your image. Do not wear cufflinks that contradict your personal style. It will only make you look like you tried too hard to impress. With all the designs and patterns available, for the serious men as well as for the cool guys, there is no reason you cannot get what fits your personality best. Whatever you choose, try to polish those cufflinks to give them that extra shine, and you will be sure to grab the attention of a crowd near you, without appearing as trying too hard.

It is important to do this because as a member of the corporate world, you begin to aim for the top spot. It is important to look like you deserve the position you are aiming for. So if your boss sees you in a snazzy and clean outfit, it boosts your image and can lead them to believe that you are a responsible and outstanding young individual who is ready to face the next step in the corporate ladder.

In this case, it is highly recommended that you go for gold cufflinks instead of silver ones. While the latter may still be good, gold cufflinks give the impression that you are a man of stature and sophistication. Call it the magic of gold. They enhance the professional image that you are working so hard to build and maintain. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need to dress up as your ideas are great anyway. Always remember that great gifts usually come wrapped in exciting packages.

Make Yourself Look Younger – What is the Princess of Beautiful Skin?

The princess of beautiful skin – it is a name for olive.

I had a tour in Italy few years ago with few girl friends. We visited an Italian friend who had a very big garden in Rome, full of olive trees. He told us that his cooking oil is extracted from the olive fruit in his farm. All the women in his family are also using olive oil as a skin care product.

I asked, what are the elements in olive oil? He said that most of the elements will still remain in the olive oil after the extract process. The vitamins are A, D, E, F, K and etc., they are all oil-based vitamins, which are easily absorbed by the skin. Therefore, almost all the vitamins are completely absorbed. It helps moisturizing our skin and repairs the destroyed skin-cell.

We all know that Vitamin E is an essential element in our skin repairing. By using vitamin E oil on damaged or burnt skin, the recovery time is much shorter than other medicines, and no scar remains. The olive oil contains 8 grams of vitamin E in every 100 grams. The most concentrate in all plants.

When the vitamin E absorbed by our body, it can break down the body fat, and helps the secretion of some kind of hormone. These hormones can help the women to have good figures. These hormones also prevent arteriosclerosis, which postpones the aging. With so many advantages, we should change to olive oil as our cooking oil immediately.

I have a post of facial scrub in my blog, which is the mixture of olive oil with sugar. This facial scrub was widely spread and everyone who tried had come back with thank. Today, I would like to share another facial mask for winter that can smooth your skin.

1 Wash your face with mild cleanser, rinse with warm water.

2 Towel dry your face gently.

3 Use a cotton pad to dip some olive oil (not too much). Wipe evenly over your face and neck. To have the best result, press gently with warm hands to help the penetration.

4 Wait for 10 minutes. Cover your face with a hot towel (as hot as you may but do not burn your skin) for five minutes (change the towel if cool).

5 Clean your face with a warm towel gently, then, remember to apply your day or night cream.

Various Trends of Online Shopping in India

The internet has been around in India since quite some time now. However, e-commerce has picked up only recently. Shopping online is slowly growing up in India too. However, due to the relatively slow penetration of the internet in many part of the country, online shopping is limited to only major metros in India. Let us inquire about online shopping trends in this part of the world.

Ecommerce can be thought of as an activity wherein the customer uses the internet to order a product or service. In most circumstances, the transaction may happen online also. Online shopping places a heavy demand on the use of the internet. One major hurdle that online shopping faces is the security of transactions, since it is necessary for shoppers to submit their financial details on the web too.

Currently, only a limited number of merchants are doing business online due to the problems related to technology. The major hurdles faced are low penetration of computers in India, lesser amount of credit or debit card holders, and many adverse taxation rules. Also, many internet users are reluctant to reveal their financial information online, which hampers the growth of the online business.

Conversely, online shopping has a great potential to become big in India. According to many ecommerce observers, ecommerce has the potential of reaching $ 100 billion in the year 2008. Accordingly, many enterprises both big and small, are opening to the idea of having their B2B and B2C portals on the internet in a big way.

The internet is also proving to a boon in disguise for many small and medium enterprises, which are joining hands with major Indian online portals to display their products and advertise their services. Analysts predict that in the next 18-24 months, several national brands and retailers will have their online shops ready for B2B and B2C transactions. This indicates that the total number of merchants online would go up to nearly 50,000 and the total number of users would go up to around 50 million. Analysts also predict that the online shopping market could go up to nearly USD $ 50 million.

One way of looking at online shopping trends is examining the figures – air and rail tickets estimated at INR 30 crore (INR 300 million) are sold online in India every day. Already, a jewellery piece sells every five minutes, and a mobile handset every eight minutes, and a car every nine hours on the popular commodity site Another popular site materialised business over INR 5,000 crore through leads generated by it.

Today many Indians purchase goods like books, electronic gadgets, air and rail tickets, apparel, gifts, mobiles, computer peripherals, audio cassettes and CDs. There are more products which are capable of being sold over the internet.

Many people still locate information on the internet, but purchase their products offline at traditional stores. This means that people still are lacking in confidence to purchase products online. This trend can be countered by providing secure sites for transactions, and prompt customer service.

Online shopping is truly catching on in India, traditional brick and mortar stores are also getting the hand of doing business online. The trends demonstrate that traditional stores will keep on doing sufficient business while the online stores increase their virtual presence on the internet.

Great Golf Gift Ideas For Dad

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and you need to find a wy to thank your dad for everything that he has meant to you. The truth is that sometimes finding gifts for men can be really difficult especially when you want the gift to really be a display of your affection. However, there are great gifts for dad to be found, and some of the best gifts are those that feature your dad’s interest. If your dad is a great golfer why not think about getting him some useable golf accessories?
If you do not have a lot of funding for your gifts for dad do not be worried. There are great golf gifts that you can get for your dad that will not break the bank. A great option in golf gifts is to put together a golf gift basket. You can pick up some golf accessories like a bag of golf tees, some golf balls, a couple of golf towels or perhaps a book with the latest golf strategies. These make great gifts for men because they are very practical.
Or why not look at getting some personalized golf gifts for your dad. These can be really fun and thoughtful without costing too much money. Monogrammed golf balls are great gifts for men as are monogrammed golf towels. Or what about getting a great set of golf club covers for him?
Golf courses typically require a certain dress code, and golf clothes can make great golf gifts for that special guy. Typically when you are looking at buying clothes you will want to stick with collared shirts. These tend to meet the requirements of most golf clubs. Golf shorts are another great staple item for any golfer’s wardrobe. However, do not forget about your dad’s feet. Golf shoes can make great gifts for men as well as golf shoe bags.
Of course traditional golf gifts are golf clubs. A full set make great gifts for dad, but if that is a little over your budget why not look at supplementing his current collection. Perhaps invest in a new putter or driver to help improve his game. However, equipment is not the only thing that you can get for your favorite golf aficionado. What about booking a private golf lesson with a local golf pro? Lessons make great golf gifts for the beginning or advanced golfer.
If you are looking for gifts for dad that are a bit more extravagant why not look at creating a day of golf for him. As far as golf gifts go, a round of golf is one of the best things that you can buy for someone. Find a great course in your area and get your dad a gift certificate for the day. If you really want to let him know how special he is to you perhaps you could also get him a gift certificate for the clubhouse restaurant so that he and his buddies can sit around and discuss their round over lunch.
There are tons of golf gifts for you to be able to get to show your dad how much you love him. The trick is to find gifts for dad that will mean a lot to him so that he knows how much you care about him.  And getting a gift that connects with a favorite hobby or sport will make that gift well received and extra special!