Nice Wedding Gift Tips

Your best friend’s wedding is happening next week but you still don’t know what wedding gift to give to give her and her groom. You want your gift to be something memorable or something that would be useful. Well, here are some of the best wedding gifts you can consider as you decide what gift to give the lucky couple:

1. Money

Many wedded couples would say the best gift they’ve received is money. While it may seem impersonal, money can be a very helpful gift for newlyweds since most young couples need it to buy a house, a car, or maybe just to help pay for the wedding expenses or honeymoon trip. You could also include a personal wedding gift to go with your check to make your gift more special.

2. An expensive gift that they wouldn’t expect

Imagine receiving your dream car for a wedding gift. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true? Many couples wouldn’t expect that they’re going to get expensive items for their wedding gifts such as a yacht or a brand new house and lot so, if your loaded with cash why don’t surprise them? You could also talk with other friends and relative to contribute and you’ll be making the newly weds extremely happy on their very special wedding day.

3. A wedding gift to stand the test of time

Another great gift to give is something that would last. Be creative. There are many things you can give as gifts such as a beautiful piece of art, custom-made sculptures of the bride and groom, silverware, or other things that will remind them of their wedding even after several passing years. Try to look for unique items that they could use, not items that will end up in dusty boxes in the attic.

4. Making their honeymoon trip more romantic

Find out where the couple is planning to go for their honeymoon. You can give them travel gift vouchers or give them gift certificates to a famous restaurant or have them go on a romantic tour. Make sure you give such gifts before the wedding so the couple could them in their honeymoon plans.

Whatever your gift may be, an expensive trip to Paris, a bottle of fine wine or a simple scrapbook you’ve made yourself for the couple, it doesn’t really matter as long as what you give is given sincerely.

Weight Loss Foods – Are They For Real?

Considering the bulging waistlines we see around us, weight loss is something a majority of people around the world are interested in. There are a million diets that are being thrown at us in cyber space and we are trying to grab all of them with our chubby hands! But, are there any super foods that aid weight loss? Imagine, no calorie restrictions, no running on the treadmill for hours everyday, just some weight loss foods to help you win the battle of the bulge!

First you must understand that loading up on a particular food will not make you lose weight by itself. But again, there are some special foods that are good for the body and which help keeping the total number of calories down, thus causing significant weight loss.

Some foods that aid weight loss are fresh natural foods, fire-rich foods, low-fat foods, low- calorie foods, foods low in sodium and refined sugars. Everyone knows about them. Following are a few little-known foods which will help you lose weight.

  • Grapefruit: Research has made this food a reliable weight loss food. People eating half a grapefruit before meals have been reported to lose significant amounts of weight.
  • Grass-fed beef: Contrary to popular belief, meat is good for you if you are trying to lose weight. Meat has a lot of proteins that will keep you full longer and help you lose weight. Grass-fed beef will also be free of steroids, antibiotics and hormones.
  • Sardines: This is a great food. It is protein-rich, it stimulates the metabolism, it stabilizes the blood sugar and it keeps you full. It is available easily and is cheap as well. So stock up!
  • Green tea: Drinking green tea regularly aids digestion, stimulates the metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels and speeds up fat oxidation. If you want to lose weight, this could be the key.
  • Pumpkin: This high-fiber simple food has very few calories which makes it the perfect weight loss food. The great thing about it is that it is easy to prepare and delicious to eat!
  • Fruits and vegetables: Yes, your granny was right! Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is not only healthy, it also helps you lose weight. They are naturally low- in calories and the high fiber content will keep you away from that bag of chips!
  • Wholegrain food: Foods like whole-wheat pasta, oatmeal, muesli, brown bread, etc. are good for you if you want to lose weight the proper way. They will also help you maintain your weight.
  • Fresh fish: High in Omega 3 and filled with the goodness of proteins, fresh fish is healthy and you can cook it in various ways to keep monotony at bay.

Don’t make weight loss painful to yourself and the people around you by starving yourself and punishing your body. Instead opt for a healthy lifestyle with moderate exercise and a balanced diet. The most important thing is to be happy. Losing weight the right way is not that hard, only if you have discipline. So eat right and stay fit.

A Country Boy’s View on Fashion

I still can’t understand it. After all these years, I can’t make a lick of sense out of what folks consider to be in or out of fashion – appropriate or inappropriate attire or appearance. What was “in” last year, might be “out” this year – or it might be in but you need to change what you wear with it. What was OK for spring and summer probably won’t work well for fall and winter – weather considerations aside. And what is in was likely already in somewhere around 20 or so years ago but then it went out so something else could be in. And why don’t they just come right out and say FAKE fur instead of trying to dress it up with a fancy foreign word?

Thank God for jeans…

I gotta find the Fashion Holy Book. I know there has to be one out there somewhere that says that it’s a sin to wear the same thing as you wore last year. Or maybe it’s just sometimes that it’s a sin. I dunno. All I know is that the ladies section has to be really big. Like maybe everything but the last seven pages. Guys don’t seem to matter quite as much. It’s sort of like an afterthought thing just so we wouldn’t be offended. They – whoever “they” is – could have left us out completely for all I care.

Thank God for jeans…

I can’t understand it. Why sometimes looking “layered” is good and sometimes it isn’t. Why sometimes croc (apparently “they” couldn’t spell the entire word) is good and sometimes it isn’t. Why big old-looking broaches are sometimes good and sometimes they aren’t. And why anyone would ever frown on micro-mini’s is beyond me. OK, so I’m I guy. I’ll let that one go.

Thank God for jeans…

And how can pleats be in or out? What about tweed? Is it good or not? Why do ladies handbags need to match their shoes? Can summer shoes be the same as winter shoes? Probably not, huh? And what’s wrong with tie dye for cryin’ out loud? Looks cool to me. And what’s the deal with buying jeans – brand new, mind you – that look like they’ve already been worn for two years? I never have been able to figure out that one.

But yeah, thank God for jeans…

I can’t understand it. Are guys dress jackets now supposed to have two, three or four buttons? Are pleated dress pants in or out? What about casual slacks? Cuffs – yes or no? Tuck or don’t tuck? Why can’t neckties be any width we dang well want? And why do we even wear the silly things in the first place? Why is it important for all the men to look like penguins when they dress for formal occasions? A zebra look makes just as much sense to me.

Thank God for jeans…

And have you looked at underwear lately? (Do I need to rephrase that?) Now I understand that the ladies like to do all sorts of push up, push out, accent, emphasize, enhancement stuff. But guys – we’re getting out of control! Holy smokes. I thought the intent of our under-layer was to keep our goodies in place and prevent excessive scuffing against whatever outer-layer we happened to be wearing. I’ve even seen articles describing what kinds of underwear the celebrities are wearing. Why would we care? I’m just not understanding any of this.

Thank God for jeans – and good old briefs…

I guess I never will comprehend any of this fashion “in style” stuff. Seems to me that if we’re clean and comfortable – including warm, cool or dry depending on the weather – we’re good to go. I just can’t see that anything else matters much. Of course, I’m just an old country boy. What do I know?

Clothes That Get You Noticed

What are the clothes that get you noticed, and could it be more of the case that the right person wearing the right clothes will get the right results. It has been seen that when two people wear the same garment one tends to look better than the other. Has personal taste got any thing to do with it, and can we feel when something is not right. The other question is a person getting noticed for the wrong reasons. This is an important question, because it is probably not a good idea to get noticed for the wrong reasons.

Experience of Shopping

So the main question could be, what do you want to get noticed for? This question can allow you to look inside yourself and really work out what is important to you. The root cause of what we want could possibly be the key to solving the needs that we really require. Some one who constantly buys new clothes may not actually want more clothes, but may just enjoy the experience of shopping. Could it be the case that a person is really just looking for joy, and could it be the case that joy might come from inside a person.

Root of Joy

Hence we see that it is important to look at what really brings you the joy that you really desire. What type of clothes do you feel comfortable wearing? What do you like about them? What feeling do you get when you wear them? What thoughts do you get? These are a few questions you can asked yourself. It is useful if you can really get to the root of what really gives you joy. May be you find joy in being creative, by using imagination has been said is one of the things that leads to new innovations, imagination has been said to be more important than knowledge by Einstein.

Getting Noticed

So imagination can allow you to develop new outfits by modifying your current collection of garments. By adding different trimmings, which could be fabric trimmings or leather trimming depending on the look you want to create So is it your garments that get you noticed, or is it a combination of your garments and your personality? Clothes can definitely get a person noticed, so what can you to ensure that you get noticed? You could ensure that your wardrobe has the latest fashion, but what if you can not afford to be constantly updating your wardrobe. A cost-effective way is by modifying your current clothe’s of even by adding costume jewelry. By doing this you can add your own personal taste to the clothe’s that you wear. You will also have the satisfaction of creating your own modified designs. By also adding different trimmings to the garment that you have can always give a fresh new look to clothe’s that you have. You can add different buttons and buckles which can give your clothes a new perspective.

Paresh Raja (c) July 2011