Clothes That Get You Noticed

What are the clothes that get you noticed, and could it be more of the case that the right person wearing the right clothes will get the right results. It has been seen that when two people wear the same garment one tends to look better than the other. Has personal taste got any thing to do with it, and can we feel when something is not right. The other question is a person getting noticed for the wrong reasons. This is an important question, because it is probably not a good idea to get noticed for the wrong reasons.

Experience of Shopping

So the main question could be, what do you want to get noticed for? This question can allow you to look inside yourself and really work out what is important to you. The root cause of what we want could possibly be the key to solving the needs that we really require. Some one who constantly buys new clothes may not actually want more clothes, but may just enjoy the experience of shopping. Could it be the case that a person is really just looking for joy, and could it be the case that joy might come from inside a person.

Root of Joy

Hence we see that it is important to look at what really brings you the joy that you really desire. What type of clothes do you feel comfortable wearing? What do you like about them? What feeling do you get when you wear them? What thoughts do you get? These are a few questions you can asked yourself. It is useful if you can really get to the root of what really gives you joy. May be you find joy in being creative, by using imagination has been said is one of the things that leads to new innovations, imagination has been said to be more important than knowledge by Einstein.

Getting Noticed

So imagination can allow you to develop new outfits by modifying your current collection of garments. By adding different trimmings, which could be fabric trimmings or leather trimming depending on the look you want to create So is it your garments that get you noticed, or is it a combination of your garments and your personality? Clothes can definitely get a person noticed, so what can you to ensure that you get noticed? You could ensure that your wardrobe has the latest fashion, but what if you can not afford to be constantly updating your wardrobe. A cost-effective way is by modifying your current clothe’s of even by adding costume jewelry. By doing this you can add your own personal taste to the clothe’s that you wear. You will also have the satisfaction of creating your own modified designs. By also adding different trimmings to the garment that you have can always give a fresh new look to clothe’s that you have. You can add different buttons and buckles which can give your clothes a new perspective.

Paresh Raja (c) July 2011